Monday, May 11, 2009

To Write, To Live

My world is all about life. The giving of it, the revival, the enrichment and finally the taking of it or the giving up.

Two pink lines on a pregnancy test kit still gives me the shivers everytime a patient shows them to me. A gestational sac clearly outlined on a sonogram printout causes goosebumps. The dubdubdub of the fetal heartbeat first heard by Doppler at around ten weeks causes my heartrate to rise as well. This is how much life excites me.

The soft undulations of a pregnant woman's abdomen as her baby moves inside is such a joy to watch. And ultimately, to be the first one to hold a newborn's wriggly, slimy body as he cries out his exultation at joining humankind is an honor too profound for words.

Likewise, I am always teary-eyed at the precise moment when I clamp a patient's hemorrhagic Fallopian tube containing its unwary victim during a Salpingectomy for an ectopic pregnancy. Poor fellow, his life cut off even before his cells develop and differentiate into the wonderful and awesome design dictated by nature.

To be able to express such joy, such anguish will be a relief. To know that someone will read these and understand will be heaven.

To be able to read other perspectives, other points of view, other experiences, other opinions, other joys will be beautiful.

At this, I hope The Blog Rounds will be able to help.

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  1. way to go, wot!

    will soon express my interest to join the blog rounds too :-)

    i'm so excited :-)