Monday, November 23, 2009

after the silence

Five months!

That's how long I was blog-mute. So why write now?

1. I have news to share. I will be done with residency in December. Four years just went by in a flash but it feels like the final two months are creeping by like earthworms on asphalt.

2. I have news to share. I'm happy. I used to be sad. Well, ain't life just grand? Thank you, MS.

3. I have news to share. I will be embarking on a new challenge that will take up most of my time, energy and my friend's money. Wish us luck! (especially, my friend)

4. I have news to share. I have finally and just barely accepted my lot in life. This is the life I chose, this is the life I trained for. This is the life that will sustain me, challenge me, sadden me and gladden me.

5. I have news to share. Guess what? I'm back!


  1. Sigh! Wish I could say #4 for myself too.

    And maybe #3 because it sounds fun, whatever it is.

    Anyway. Good for you Doc Wot! :)

  2. I'm so happy to hear from you wot :-) And you sound really happy and revitalized - that makes me even happier for you.

    Blog-mute. Wow. I love that neologism you got there. Probably because I have been blog-mute myself for quite a time now. Hehehehe..

    See you around wot.. (wink, wink) :D