Thursday, January 6, 2011

another explanation for why I was blog-mute again


I have been blog-mute for a year now!!!
Beats my previous record of 5 months. See here. A lot more has happened in this blog-mute episode than the last time. (Do I sound defensive? I'm not! Really.)

And my mini-blogs were supposed to reach 365, at least. Oh well.

Anyway, here are my reasons:

1. I fell in love! (Hi MS! Mwah mwah!)
2. I got married.
3. I had a kid. His name is Lucas and he's everything to me. Believe me, even mini-blogs take too much time and trouble when you have a baby.
4. I started my practice. Doing quite well, if I may say so myself. I'm sharing an office with my cousin who is a pediatrician. Actually, she graciously and very generously let me time-share with her. She started her practice around 5 years ago and she's quite established already. She's done a lot to help me get started. (Thank you, Ate Mayet!)
5. My cousin and I started a business. A birthing center in our hometown, Talisay City. We're still struggling to make ends meet but, so far, so good.
6. I started teaching (facilitating, actually). Who would ever have thought I'd go back to my medical school to teach? Definitely not me. But, I find that I like what I'm doing. PBL is quite different than the traditional curriculum.

Don't you think that those reasons are quite reasonable? (LOL)

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